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Ohr Somayach - Sale of Chametz

Please return to the shul office by no later than Tuesday 16th April 2019 at 4:30pm / Fax 021 434 8799.

hereby authorise The Cape Town Beth Din to sell to a non-Jew all Chametz (leavened foods) that may be found anywhere in my possession on Erev of the 19th April 2019 / 14th Nissan 5779, and sell or rent the space occupied by such Chametz. I accept and recognise that this is a full and proper legally-binding sale and that the non-Jewish purchaser will have the full right to do whatever he sees fit with the above-mentioned articles and I assume no responsibility for them. I include all Chametz that I may own wherever it may be found, including but not limited to the addresses listed below.

(Preferably also list the specific locations within those addresses e.g. Kitchen cupboards marked “Chametz”, liquor cupboard in the Dining Room, etc.)

Fri, May 27 2022 26 Iyyar 5782