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The Prophets with Rabbi Ozhekh

The Prophets - Exploring the Tanach in a New Light. " Explore one of the most fascinating parts of the Torah in a whole new light,  "The Prophets" is a series catered for all, from beginners to experts, come on a journey with Rabbi Ozhekh to understand the deeper messages found within the stores of Tanach. With tangible lessons for life this is a series that will leave you asking for more.



Chapter 1 (part 1) - In this chapter we enter into the life of Chana, a barren woman, who undergoes torment, and through her tribulations becomes the mother of Samuel one of the greatest prophets ever to live. 

Chapter 1(Part 2) - Through the final parts of the first chapter, join us in exploring the most fundamental values a parent can impart onto their children.

In this 2nd chapter we explore the enigmatic prayer of Channah and the deplorable actions of the sons of Eli, met with extreme insight and controversy we invite you to continue this exciting journey into the Prophets!

Explore chapter 3 in the book of Samuel. Samuel receives his first prophecy and a stark juxtaposition is made between the characters of Eli and Samuel which contains many secrets for our own spiritual growth!

Thu, December 2 2021 28 Kislev 5782