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Sea Point Eruv

The Sea Point Eruv - as marked on the map below - was deemed as kosher by Rabbi Klein and the Beth Din of South Africa on June 18, 2010. It's comprised of boundaries of houses, the beachfront wall, the slope of the mountain and 18 sites of various forms of construction. Please see the Facebook page for the current status updates at

The eruv "broadly" includes properties from Glengariff Road (Green Point/Sea Point) to Clifton 2nd beach on Victoria Road and Marine Drive on High Level Road (Bantry Bay). Ocean View Drive is partially included to Avenue Bartholemew. Most of the eruv includes the beachfront to the mountain (consult map). Anyone close to the boundaries must consult the detailed map and/or speak to Alan Levin or (hopefully) your local Rabbi.

The Eruv depends on the help of the community and at present requires funding. We have managed to construct the eruv though generous loans provided but we still need funding to repay the loans and maintain it. Read the launch announcement telling the history‚Ķ

View the map below in Google Maps (use layers on your mobile) or use the controls (arrows and zoom in '+' and out '-') below. NOTE: the boundaries presented below are the boudaries that are checked before every Shabbat. The houses that are located along the boundary is included in the eruv if it's boundaries are an eruv AND if the property enters into the eruv. Those houses that are on the boundary of the eruv but exit OUT of the eruv must be careful.

Link: ERUV

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