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"Where learning is not just information
but transformation."


Learn together with a partner

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The fresh air of Torah study

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Get involved in learning

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Reach a place of internal tranquility


For young professionals

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Daily study, practical and depth

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Kabbalistic meditation and calibration of the soul.

Rejewvinate is a place to study the life-changing wisdom of Kabbalah and the Torah. Hidden for centuries, this illuminative light is shining, bringing with it the dawn of deeper consciousness, freeing us from the ensnarement of the ego, anxiety and desire.



Delve into the depths of Torah. Contact us if you would like to learn together with the Rabbi or Rebbetzin or if you would like to be set up a time with a regular learning partner.


ReJewvinate Academy

Online academy for Kabbalah study, personal growth and deeper insight. Topics dealing with inner serenity, mindfulness, and spiritual psychology through Jewish Sources. Contact the office for more info.
Rejewvinate Academy

Gemara Learning 

Daily online guided Gemara study, suitable for beginners, tapping into the timeless wisdom of the sages from over 1500 years ago. Discussions and Questions are welcome during the sessions.
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Gemara Learning

Four Rivers

Explorative study and meditation group, delving into ancient Kabbalistic and Jewish Texts, that provide tremendous insight and guidance on how to reach a place of internal tranquillity and happiness, dealing with topics such as the ego, desire, and living in the present.
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Four Rivers
Rejewvinate young professionals

Young Professionals

Meditation, mindfulness and Spiritual Calibration for Young Professionals. A community that studies and experiences the life-changing wisdom of Kabbalah and the Torah, in a relaxed and accessible environment. Contact office for link to the WhatsApp group or additional info.


Daily study of the Chofetz Chaim’s seminal piece, the Mishnah Berurah, practical and in depth, suitable for both beginners and advanced learners.
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