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Rabbi and Rebbitzin


Rabbi Shmuel Ozhekh

Rabbi Shmuel Ozhekh is known for his passionate, warm, charismatic, and genuine approach, and ability to reveal the depth, and accessibility of Kabbalah and Torah wisdom.


Rabbi Ozhekh’s teachings provide tremendous insight and guidance on how to reach a place of internal tranquillity and happiness, dealing with topics such as the ego, depression, anxiety, desire and living in the moment. 


He carries rabbinic ordination from a range of sources including The Chief Rabbinate of Israel, Rabbi Yitzhak Berkowitz, Rabbi Zalman Nechemia, Rabbi Yitzhak Kaufman and Rabbi Akiva Dershowitz.


Rabbi Ozhekh has also completed a Bachelor of Education from Charles Stuart University, a Bachelor of Design from the University of NSW and is a graduate of the Ner Leelef Community Leadership and Education Training Program and the JME International program for Jewish marriage education, counselling and family purity.


His involvement in the Jewish community spans from Rabbi of Ohr Somayach Cape Town, Rabbi and founder of the Rejewvinate Young Professional outreach movement and the Rejewinate App dedicated to mindfulness and serenity through the inner dimension of Torah & Kabbalah,  Co-Founder of the Eden Mediation App (the first Jewish meditation app in the world), and pioneering the Sydney Night Kollel.


Rebbitzin Sara Ozhekh

Rebbetzin Sara Ozhekh is best known for her non-judgmental, authentic and intuitive approach. She has worked extensively in the Jewish community, planning events, lecturing and working with at-risk teenagers and young adults. Rebbetzin Sara is a qualified Jewish Marriage Education counsellor and has had experience in tutoring and facilitating conversions, she has a degree in psychology and is aspiring to complete her qualification as a clinical psychologist.

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